Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Laissez-le tranquille...très tranquille

French comic book artist Johann Sfar is to direct a biopic of the great Serge Gainsbourg, starring Eric Elmosnino,entitled Gainsbourg : Une vie héroïque. Le Figaro has a slideshow of the the youngster relooké as old cabbagehead. Elsmosnino is probably a bit too pretty but it should do the job.

Back Into the Fold

After a silence of six months or so, punctuated by the odd return, I have decided to revive Underachievement (as I always said I would). I'm not sure why; part of the original reason I set it aside was to allow me more time to do other things and to wrench myself away from the pleasurable horrors of the World Wide Web. I've accomplished each of those things, with the occasional lapse but the lure has been too great to resist. In true Underachievement style however, the new blog will be a slimmed-down version of the older one. Posting will probably be more occasional and erratic than before and I don't plan to post any lengthy reviews of obscure arthouse films. The highest intellectual standards will of course be maintained; Underachievement 2.0 will be not so much dumbed down as dumbed across.

I have passed up the opportunity to comment on a number of things over the past few months, such as a clutch of fine films, Bertie's resignation, the US Presidential election (time enough to come on that I suppose), the appointment of Giovanni Trappatoni as Ireland manager, ensuring the Boys in Green's inevitable end to a search for World Cup glory in South Africa in two years time. But no time for regrets here. Thanks to all that have added links over the past couple of years, even since I left off posting last October, as its Technorati authority slipped from a hopeful 16 to a more suitably underachieving 7. I will reciprocate in kind. More anon.

Cartoon by Randal Monroe of the excellent xkcd.