Sunday, May 06, 2012


Not sure how many people still drop in here but if there are still any regular visitors, I suppose I ought to alert them to my presence elsewhere on line.

I have taken to writing a culture blog for France 24, the TV channel which is my gagne-pain, as the French would say, these days.

I have also been reviewing books and films and contributing the occasional article to Irish Left Review for the past few years. Long may it continue.

There is also the excellent new Irish pop culture and ephemera blog, Where's Grandad? to which I contribute along with a dozen or so other good souls.

At the New York-based online literary magazine The Millions, I have an interview with the great Portuguese writer, António Lobo Antunes, whose relative obscurity in the English-speaking world I bemoan at length.

I also make fleeting appearances on Tumblr, Pinterest, Delicious and, if you are an Instagram user, you can find me there under the user name 'fearraigh'. The best place, as ever, to be exposed to my ramblings is still Twitter.

This blog is probably going to remain in abeyance for the time being though I may post a bit during the European Championships in Poland, which I will be attending, wearing green. That, however, will be dependant on such mundane concerns as Wi-Fi access and regular power supply (my home will be various Polish campsites for those two weeks).

I hope to see you all online some time soon.