Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Star Trac

Vikash Dhorasoo, one of the more enigmatic members of the French World Cup sqaud, announced last week that he was not going to play for les Bleus anymore, while pointing out that he was not going to actually announce his retirement, as "that would be pretentious, I'm not an important enough player to say that sort of thing." Admirably modest. But more interesting is the news that he plans to make a behind-the-scenes documentary using footage he shot during the World Cup. Batty, astrology-obsessed manager Raymond Domenech has indicated that he wants to be cut from the film, which will be unlikely to happen I think. Domenech has long been seen in France as being overly fond of Dhorasoo, having coached him since the player was a schoolboy. But will their relationship survive the film, which Dhorasoo hopes will get a cinema release?


Anonymous said...

at least now he can concentrate on "Gay Paris Football"

seanachie said...

Yes, I forgot to mention that. I find it amusing that all media coverage of his supporting Paris' gayest football team is at pains to point out that he is not gay, and is the proud father of two children. He seems to have not got any hassle from the terraces about it either.