Thursday, May 10, 2007

"Try the Carriage Office!"

Things I've lost over the years:

  • One brown corduroy jacket, lost in the Castlemore 'Night Club', Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon, early 90s.
  • One Filofax, on the Dublin-Sligo train, c.2000
  • Three mobile phones, the second of which was lost twice and returned to me twice, all in the back of taxis, various times.
  • One wallet, replete with credit cards and various forms of ID. In the back of a Parisian cab after having shared a joint with a dodgy cab driver, April 2003.
  • One copy of Broken April by Ismail Kadare, in a café in Bastille, September 2000 (since repurchased and read).
  • One copy of All the Names by José Saramago, somewhere on Parliament Street, Dublin, March 2001. Promptly repurchased and read.
  • One copy of The Book of Evidence by John Banville, in a phone box at St-Germain-des-Près, early 2003. Since borrowed and read.
  • One record bag (recovered), containing the following
  • One pocket Paris Pratique (street map) deluxe edition (unrecovered)
  • One Moleskine notebook, the written pages of which were ripped out and posted to me, the rest of the notebook being unrecovered.
  • One copy of In Patagonia by Bruce Chatwin (unrecovered, still unfinished)
  • One set of keys to my old place in Dublin (recovered)
  • One brown zippy-up top (recovered). All the above lost on Metro line 1, September 2005
  • Two more Moleskine notebooks, one on a Ryanair Dublin-Paris flight, January 2005, one lost three times, twice in cinemas, once in the Bernard Shaw pub, South Richmond Street, Dublin, recovered each time, December 2006-January 2007
  • Two other notebooks, one lost in the back of a taxi, Dublin, July 2001, one lost in Bar du Marché, rue du Buci, Paris, January 2003
  • One copy of Ways of Seeing by John Berger, in the back of a taxi, Dublin, July 2001 (see 'other notebook' above)
  • One Irish passport, new biometric series, the Bernard Shaw pub, December 2006 (see 'Moleskine notebooks' above). Since recovered by helpful bar staff, too late alas.
  • One black turtleneck with red Japanese-style motif on front, the Lizard Lounge, Paris, October 2004 (football weekend)
  • One Colibri ball-point pen (value €50), probably stolen by bourgeois student brat, the Coolín, St-Germain-des-Près, early 2005
  • One copy of Nip the Buds and Shoot the Kids by Kenzaburo Oë (since borrowed and read), somewhere in Dublin, early 2003
  • One CD copy of 'American Recordings: Volume IV' by Johnny Cash, somewhere in Dublin, June 2003
Next week, all those CDs and books I've lent to people and not got back. Name and shame. Until then there'll be no more posting from me. Off to Seville for the brother's wedding so the iBook's staying at home. Have a good weekend all.


rorebhoy said...

Enjoy the trip Ol, and say a big Enorabuena to Colm (and Sra Colm)!

P.S. watch out...Seville can be a tough place to keep a hold of your passport ;-)

Luke said...

>One black turtleneck with red >Japanese-style motif on front.

Can't imagine you are missing this too much, sounds like a mercy robbery to me! Luke

Tia O'Connor said...

An inspiring list, I was wondering what to read next - "Broken April" seems a good choise.