Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Brief Return for Christmas

Since putting this blog on hold a few months ago, I've had the odd urge to start things up again and, strange to say, I've actually missed blogging. That said I don't regret putting it aside, for the simple reason that it had become that most troublesome of things, a distraction and an obligation, and sad to say, the micro-blogging possibilities afforded by Facebook have proven to be a much easier and quicker way of drawing people's attention to the recherché and bizarre elements of Web 2.0 . The traffic to the site has not abated, though I imagine those that used to read it regularly no longer bother, and Underachievement's ability to fulfil the most arcane of Google searches should assure it of a healthy rate of transient readership for some time to come.

This return is but a brief one, to wish all a Happy Christmas and also to review the year, in a rather half-arsed way. There will be one or two more posts over the Christmas and then it will be back to normality for the New Year, though that's not to say that I won't be returning again at some point later on when the mood takes me. Have a Merry Christmas all, and thank you for reading over the past eighteen months.


Primal Sneeze said...

It's hard to kick the habit, isn't it?

Tia O'Connor said...

I have bought Mungiu's film. English/French/Italian/German subtitles. It was issues last year in December. I suppose it is available where you are now as well?