Friday, July 04, 2008

No Match for Quebec

Red faces at Paris Match where the mother of all glossy magazines did a 35-page spread to celebrate yesterday's 400th anniversary of the foundation of Quebec City (the first francophone settlement in North America) while concentrating mostly on the province of Quebec and its current capital Montreal, both of which date from somewhat later. Folks in Quebec aren't too happy, decrying French insularity and ignorance and despite an editorial mea culpa surely this will be an example of incompetence that will dog the magazine for years to come.


Anonymous said...

Small detail wrong, no lives lost, but worth mentioning anyway: Quebec City is still the capital of the province. What made you think it isn't?

seanachie said...

Oops! In answer to your question, I don't know what made me think that. I stand corrected and thanks for pointing it out! People in glass houses... :)