Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chapeau #1

Enormous news from New York Monday night where my friend of many years (and former colleague in more than one job) Tim Grucza received the Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in the field of Documentary. The award was for his work on the PBS Frontline film The War Briefing, which was made last year. I've known Tim for almost as long as I've been in France and he has spent that time and longer enduring discomfort and sometimes danger covering the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but also working in other parts of the world such as Chad, Nigeria and Georgia. His work has always been top class and the Emmy is the result of years of trevelyan work and sacrifice. It's not the first award Tim has received for his efforts but it's certainly the most prestigious, and it will not be the last either. Tim has another, self-directed, film on Afghanistan in the pipeline, due to be released in the New Year. Below is an excerpt from The War Briefing and the entire film can be watched online on the PBS website. Bravo Tim. Now it's time to update that Wikipedia page.