Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pinter Plain Daft

Harold Pinter, Nobel-prize winner, celebrated playwright, wretched poet and would-be 'scourge of Tony Blair' (that he cannot be because one thing Pinter is quite bad at is political oratory and rhetorical debate, despite the basic soundness of his cause) was yesterday awarded France's top honour the Légion d'Honneur, an award of such dizzying prestige that it got pinned to Bruce Willis' chest a few years back. As somebody that admires Pinter's plays and who sympathises with the essence of his political views I wish he would keep his mouth shut on Iraq as his comments are embarrassingly stupid, inefficacious and serve only to discredit the anti-war left with their intemperance and inane, personal attacks. Pleading that he doesn't care anymore and he's on the way out isn't a very good excuse.