Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The Greens are to enter government and are already attracting the brickbats from those that believe it is treason of the highest sort. I can't say I agree though as a party with such a small chunk of the vote are going to have to value pragmatism above anything else. At least they will be there to keep an eye on Fianna Fáil, but should things go wrong it will be the smaller party that will be the fall guys. Without wishing to be disobliging to the Greens, I would sooner it be them than Labour, who would not survive a Fianna Fáil coalition.

The Greens will be maximising their leverage to pursue their own policies, none of which I have any problem with, but as this Reuters report says my prediction about the Green's 'hopeful' position on US military stopovers in Shannon looks like it might be correct:

Party members refused to be drawn on the state of talks over specific policies such as a manifesto pledge that U.S. troops en-route to Iraq should no longer be allowed to use airports in traditionally neutral Ireland. "We have about 4.7 percent of the vote and we have to be realistic and realise we can only get a certain amount," said Gormley. "But it has to be sellable to the party members. I think they are wise enough to know if the deal is good enough."