Thursday, June 14, 2007

They've Got My Number

The new phone book arrived on my doorstep today; perhaps because of falling home phone use, the Parisian White Pages is only offered on a by-arrondissement basis now, with only the Yellow Pages covering all of Paris. I don't use my landline too much, except for international phone calls, as they are free to other landlines in most other countries I would be calling, but I checked to see if I had been added as I wasn't sure if I requested to be ex-directory when I got my phone installed. I was there but it wasn't my home number but my mobile; how it ended up there I am not sure but I am worried that I might now be subject to spam cold-calling, especially as my number is not listed with a symbol that denotes telemarketers are unwelcome. I have a year of this to put up with now. Why was I not informed of this in advance?