Thursday, August 13, 2009

Keep calm...

Hmm. Not a good night out down in Thomond Park and Ireland didn't even have the excuse of fielding an understrength side. That said, there's probably little to glean from a 3-0 defeat to a decent Australian side, which both Trap and visiting manager Pim Verbeek agreed flattered the Socceroos a bit. Ireland were far less solid at the back than they've been in recent matches and in the final third of the field there was precious little enterprise.

Trap might be right in saying that after a few more league games certain players will show a bit more pep. Ireland might have improved a bit in the second half but the rhythm of the game was still that all-too-familiar drudgery of Ireland games of the past (the Roy Keane-fuelled 4-2 victory over Iceland in Reykjavik in 1997 is the exemple par excellence). Switching over to the Holland-England game was a sobering glimpse of the gulf in, not quite class, but certainly urgency.

Trap's two defeats thus far have come at home in friendlies against teams (Poland and Australia) of similar stature to ourselves. Not too much to get panicked about. The fact that in each of those games we shipped three goals though is slightly worrying. For the moment though, I'm happy enough to keep winning (or drawing, if need be) those matches that count. Cyprus can hardly be too happy with their 6-1 defeat in Albania either...

Ireland are given Socceroos lessons - The Irish Times - Thu, Aug 13, 2009

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