Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You Want Revisionism? I'll Show You Revisionism.

Those of us who read the Washington Post on a regular basis will know that the rather kind portrayal of the paper in All the President's Men is at odds with the slightly shabbier reality. Things have come to a pretty pass though when they're outsourcing their reports to what one can only imagine are idiot cub interns at Reuters. A piece on xenophobia in Northern Ireland (a phenomenon that, of course brings shame on the island of Ireland) by one Andras Gergely comes up with this interesting piece of historical information:

Historically, it was economic migrants from the largely Catholic Republic of Ireland who stirred up sectarian trouble in Protestant commmunities. The south, a "Celtic Tiger" until the credit crunch kicked in, is now the euro zone's weakest link.

One doesn't need to subscribe to the parity of victimisation so popular in the Six Counties to take one look at those words and just say WTF? I was wondering where all those economic migrants from the Republic were going all those years from 1922 on. Looks like it was one long border raid. The fact that the Post publishes a piece on racism and xenophobia under the rubric 'On Faith' says it all really.

Hat tip: Cormac

Battle for jobs feeds Northern Ireland xenophobia -