Monday, June 18, 2007

Mauvaise Passe

Distressing news received this weekend, as I found out that MK2, that greatest of all cinema chains, has pulled out of its Carte Le Pass subscription, that it has offered for the past five years in conjunction with Gaumont and Pathé. The Carte Le Pass allows unlimited access to up to fifty cinemas in Paris for €19.99 per month, which is a damn good deal when you consider that ticket prices are usually €9 per screening. MK2 have fallen out with their partners due to their impending eviction from the Beaugrenelle shopping centre, to be replaced by a Pathé multiplex. The card is still valid at MK2 cinemas until November, at which point going to the cinema is going to become much more expensive for me, as Gaumount and Pathé have both a less interesting roster of films and are located the opposite side of the city. It will still be valid for two of my local cinemas in Bastille but if MK2 choose to launch an initiative of their own, I will be forced to choose between two.