Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another Fine Messi

I mentioned the Copa America last week and, like most other people in Europe I haven't been able to follow much of it on TV. I don't have access at home to any of the channels showing it and the time difference is a bit too punishing to go watch it in any of the bars where I might see it. Last night, two friends, one Argentinian, one Mexican, invited me to watch the semi-final between their two countries, which looked like it would be a great match, given the last two games between the two sides, in the Confederations Cup two years ago, and then in Leipzig in last year's World Cup round of 16. But, early work this morning deterred me and I have been hearing all day about yet another wonder goal by Lionel Messi. I managed to track it down on the copyright-infringing extravaganza that is YouTube. Sit back and enjoy.


rorebhoy said...

madre mia....Golazo!!!

Seriously though it's like watching a younger South American version of myself during the illustrious U-13 season of 89/90....'appy days

Seán Báite said...

Ta for the post of the gol Seanachie. Coincidentally, I manage to see it the morning after finally going to see the excellent 'Camino de San Diego' (sic) last night.. Looks like Tati'll have to go looking for a new bit of wood soon.
There must also be a lost Fr. Ted episode out there somewhere where Dougal finds a turnip with an uncanny resemblance to Roy Keane and tries to bring it to Saipan...