Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rainy Parade

Seanachie, it appears, has been banned from Eamonn Fitzgerald's Rainy Day blog, or so he thinks following the suppression of two innocuous comments he posted recently. One was on Martin Amis' puff piece on the departure of Tony Blair (I opined that Amis was a lot better when he was writing about darts, a subject more his measure than world politics) and the other on Live Earth (I pointed out that the Catholic church - who Eamonn rather likes - has a similar stance on consumerism to that of the German Greens, which he was sneering at). Both failed to get through moderation.

I have always found Rainy Day a curiosity, a well-written erudite blog with some great web discoveries, particularly in the field of music, which Eamonn knows quite a lot about. Its frankly barmy politics, with a vertical integration of neocon support for the failed war in Iraq, unqualified admiration for Pope Benedict XVI and flat earth global-warming scepticism have always puzzled me, as one would think that a man who likes Christopher Hitchens so much might be more heterodox in his political leanings. But the Left likes to line up its causes in a predictable way so there's no reason why a man of the Right can't either; Rainy Day is still an enjoyable read and will not be banished from my RSS feeds, despite the perceived unsuitability of Seanachie's occasional barracking.


blaithin said...

Occasional barracking?