Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to Underachievement

Those people that regularly check out this blog will know that over the past month or so the frequency of the posts has dipped a little; working a lot more is one of the reasons for this but it has also been my intention to cut down on the blogging in favour of other writing. Posting here less often is a healthy sign in my opinion.

So my slimmed-down devotion resulted in me missing my own birthday yesterday, or the Underachievement birthday rather. Started two days after France's World Cup final defeat to Italy in order to fill a hole and, most importantly, to give me something to write at a time when the well was particularly dry, the blog has been a diversion from day one. At times it has threatened to become a distraction, especially when I started poring over blog tracker statistics, as most other bloggers will testify to. I don't plan to shut it down any time soon, though the posts are likely to remain as sporadic as they have been recently. If I do something silly like buy an iPhone, the increased mobility might result in a rise in posts but that would be a very sad life I'd be writing about.,


rorebhoy said...

Happy Birthday TPOU!

Sligo for Sam eh?

Primal Sneeze said...

Ooops! I missed this by a couple of days. Sorry.

Anyway, a belated happy blogday. And here's to many more.