Saturday, July 22, 2006

Poor organisation

It is now Saturday, the sixth day of the week, and I have still not managed to accomplish the very simple act of going to the cinema. I always leave it too late in the day and then I have to go to work - if I don't get to the movies by four o'clock then it is foutu, as the French say. I was on the way to watch Tsotsi, the Oscar-winning South African film on Wednesday but I passed a sports shop and, needing a clamp for my bicycle saddle, I gambled on the queue not being too long inside. Bad gamble. I might go watch it today. Some people would question the need to go to the movies in this weather, but there really is no accounting for tastes.


Luke Mc said...

I entirely agree, I just can't get my self into a cinema when it's hot, and I've already missed a couple of films I really wanted to see including David Chappelle's Block Party.

Pity Duff's gone to those perennial losers, but hey, it beats the Evil Empire.

spleep? said...

The cinema is the only place to be in such festy, lizard weather. Out of the sun, cool and dark.