Saturday, July 29, 2006

What I Learned This Week

1. That, in one of the five attempts on Hitler's life by members of the Nazi Party, on a flight from Smolensk to Berlin in March 1943, a bomb was secreted in a bottle of Cointreau, but failed to detonate. Clearly shabby bomb-making from an organisation that prided itself on its logistical rationalism and wherewithal. Hitler, as is well known, was not a big drinker but is it possible that he liked to sup the sturdy orange-flavoured liqueur as a night-cap or digestif? I assume that the standard 700ml bottle was used, but if they were foolhardy enough to use the 500ml, then I can see already where they began to go wrong.

2. That Dusty Springfield's real name was the unglittery Mary O'Brien. Well, why didn't you say so Mary? And the name on Jon Bon Jovi's birth cert is John Francis Bongiovi Jr., which is even better than his already fab nomme de guerre. All thanks to this fantastic resource. Prepare to be amazed!