Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hail, Hail, Rain or Sno

It didn't take long for Celtic to take the sheen off their Champion's League last-16 qualification. In a match that was academic, and which they might have thus taken as one they might throw caution to the wind and attack to win in, they were humiliated 3-1 by the ever-so-modest FC Copenhagen. It is a significant reversal because once again Celtic have failed to overturn their abysmal away record in the Champions League and they advance with a negative goal difference, their home record paling in comparison with the maulings they have suffered away from home. We approach the second round with a fresh reacquaintance with reality. For every three goals we score at home, we can be guaranteed we will concede as many elsewhere.


Tommy77 said...

It really is astonishing, this perennial inability of Celtic's to cope with the away match environment.

I was thinking about it today, and reckon that too much of Celtic's football - at least in a European context - is about emotion. Because they ride such crests of emotional support when playing at home, and are able to reach superhuman heights because of it, it seems that they are too aware of the power that home advantage has, and therefore shudder in fear at what they see as the impending receipt of a dose of their own medicine.

They're unable to approach matches in a cold and clinical manner, seeing them as jobs of work to be done rather than tumultuous epics of human struggle.

That's just my theory

seanachie said...

A theory that I would hold too.