Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nothing To Write About

It's my customary Tuesday-Wednesday blimp; two horribly long days where I am incapable of honouring any social commitments and which cause me to make painfully long Metro journeys to businesses west of Paris. And I have absolutely nothing to write about. The football tonight was largely inconsequential and dull. I wanted to do something about www.mydeathspace.com, the website devoted to deceased MySpace members, but, for some reason the site is down at the moment. There is also the story about thirty-odd death-row inmates from Texas having MySpace pages, which are maintained by their relatives (the inmates have no right to Internet access), one of whom is convicted copkiller Randy Halprin, but his page, though it can be viewed here, has apparently been deleted. Conflicting reports claim that MySpace has done the bidding of the State of Texas, though MySpace denies this. In the absence of anything to write about, I will do the dishes and put the rubbish out.