Monday, December 04, 2006

A Sad Weekend

A weekend's worth of absence. A weekend where an acquaintance from Stolly's met his end, tragically in London, falling out of a window, or so the reports have gone. I didn't know Marc terribly well though I had a lot of time for him (I recognise that many people didn't, and some for good reason, but he was one of those spirits that was maddeningly uncontrollable when he was drunk). A smart, witty and engaging guy, decked out in boating jacket and scarf at all times, like a parody of himself, he was always a laugh. The grim irony is that the last time I saw him, back in March or April, over a smoke, we talked of the previous time we had seen one another, which was at the memorial service for another Stolly's regular, nine months before. Both of these guys I knew little but I know people that have been stricken twice in the space of eighteen months by the loss of an old friend.