Friday, December 01, 2006

Henke Joins MU

Former Celtic hero Henrik Larsson has just signed on loan with ManYoo in a surprise deal that will bring him to Old Trafford from the 1st of January until the 12th of March, in other words, for the duration of the Swedish close-season. News that hits me as that of the marriage of an old flame might; yes, of course Henke is free to do as he likes, and, yes, it has long been over between him and us but still it pains us that he will not be exclusively associated with the Bhoys. Thank God we have already got our ManYoo problem out of the way before he had the chance to inflict traumatic damage on us. He must be finding those Swedish winters a bit tough already...


rorebhoy said...

Indeed it's tough to see Henke in anything other than the sacred hoops or Swedish top...and signing for them (my compempt for Man U and their loveable fans has taken a severe nosedive following the two CL ties) seems even *wronger*.

Still one must always look to the bright side: Benfica to beat Utd tonight, Rangers to lose tomorrow, then come the turn of the year, Ghod returns to the south side midden and scores his obligatory brace, causing an end to the most prolonged, soon-to-be-great revolution in the Scottish game.