Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Nerve of Them

Meanwhile Chile's Supreme Court has had the nerve to strip Augusto Pinochet of the immunity from prosecution that he bestowed on himself over sixteen years ago. While I despair of ever seeing the old bastard convicted, it is heartening that the country's judiciary is standing up to the thugs that supported Pinocher's regime and still exercise a lot of power there. Pinochet's daughter Luica ran off to the States earlier this year, and sought political asylum because the Chilean government is making her pay $859,000 in taxes owed. You're breaking my heart, Lucia. Of course, the old General is pleading unfitness to stand trial on medical grounds. I think they should just put him through it out of spite, and make the ordeal as uncomfortable as possible. He is not going to spend any time in prison after all, even if convicted.