Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tragic Hero

Never before has Seanachie written so much about a man or a topic that has meant so little to him. Yes it's Steve Irwin time again. People are calling it Australia's 'Diana moment'. (Funny, because I came across a typically specious comment article in the Sindo last week by Eilis O'Hanlon, mourning the fact that on the ninth - yes, ninth - anniversary of her death, Diana is forgotten. Well, so?) The clipping to the left, from some Aussie rag whose name is unknown to me, puts it all in perspective, shall we say.

I will hand you over to the redoutable (and very funny) Jack Marx of the Sydney Morning Herald blogs for a greater appraisal of this Australian national trauma. I have to hand it to Irwin's family, who have proven themselves to be above all this nonsense by declining the offer of a state funeral.