Monday, September 25, 2006

Tommy Gun

2-0 to the Celts on Saturday in the first Old Firm game of the season. Among the scorers was Thomas Gravesen, his first goal for the Hoops. I wonder what The Dubliner would say about Tommy's girlfriend, Kira Eggers, who is an adult film star? I am a worldly enough person but I was unfamiliar with her name, and I suspected that the news reports in the British press were probably pruriently exaggerating a topless model. But a quick search on the Internet, and such searches are always the quickest ones in cyberspace, suggests that yes, she is by any standards, employed in the world of hardcore porn. As Tommy is a bit of a hard chaw himself and has links with a number of fearsome biker groups in Denmark I suspect that Trevor White and his boneheaded scribes at The Dubliner might steer clear of 'satire' this time.


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