Friday, September 01, 2006

Upward Mobility

Good and bad news for incessant mobile phone users: as of today it is illegal to use a mobile phone in Ireland while driving, unless one uses a hands-free kit. I'm surprised this was not made law long before now. The better news is that Michael O'Leary has declared that mobile phone usage will soon be allowed on selected Ryanair flights, which will no doubt lead to every flight to airports in the middle of nowhere all over Europe. Ryanair flights can be annoying enough at the best of times (though unlike a lot of other passengers I do realise that that is a reasonable enough trade-off for a cheap ticket); I can't imagine what they might be like being stuck listening to someone else's phone conversation for half the duration. Trust self-proclaimed unpleasant boor like Michael O'Leary to open the doors to further rudeness and anti-social behaviour.