Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Zip Up Your Mickey

Living abroad, and not having yet set foot on the Emerald Isle in 2006, I am a little behind important developments back home, so I am straggling after all those bloggers in Ireland that have been enjoying the fall-out of the Twink "Zip Up Your Mickey" saga. People in Ireland will know all about it already, but those elsewhere might be interested, out of pure entertainment, in listening to the voicemail message the veteran cabaret star left on her estranged husband David Agnew's machine. Apparently somebody close to the randy hubby leaked the message to embarrass Twink, but it has had the opposite effect, if hardly one desired by the deliverer of it. Listen and enjoy - good, old-fashioned Dublin abuse. And then there's this clever little 'remix' of it, that makes full use of the newest catchphrases in Irish life. It'll be up there eventually with GUBU. What are you like?