Monday, October 02, 2006

All The Right Keys

Flavour of the minute is Magic Potion, the new album by Ohio bluesmen The Black Keys. Not as instantly catchy as Rubber Factory, their previous one, nor is there much development, either musically or lyrically. But then again, what does one expect from the blues? A good album though, the sound is as swamp-dirty as before, and, as ever, there is nothing more than drums, guitar and voice in the mix. Even a hoary line such as 'My heart is on fire, from a strange desire' sounds perfectly in place.

My queries about the remix of CSS's (as they are now known) 'Let's Make Love...' have been answered. It is the Spank-Rock mix, taken from the EP, which is also accompanied by a mix by the mighty Diplo. Both possibly better than the original, which is high praise indeed.