Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another Fine Mess

Ireland will be missing 16 of their squad for the European Championship qualifier against the Czechs tomorrow night, including their two first-choice goalkeepers. The FAI claim that Steve Staunton's position is safe, regardless of the result. We all know how votes of confidence in football turn out. Our chances of reaching the finals should be over by this time tomorrow. How have we fallen so far so quickly? Our players might be for the most part average (and few of them are primadonnas as many in the Irish media have claimed) but look what Lawrie Sanchez has done with far less for the North. The FAI's website has been largely taciturn since the game in Nicosia, preferring to concentrate on underage football matters. Is there any hope at all that John Delaney will follow Stan out the door this week?