Friday, October 06, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Birthday celebrations for Seanachie today, who shares a birthday with a number of personalities, including Kate Winslet, who first saw the world on the very same day 31 years ago. I have always known that other people celebrating at the same time include Niall Quinn, Bruce Grobbellaar and Gerry Adams. Wikipedia tells me that other birthdays today include those of Britt Ekland, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, of Brazil, who has been going through a rough time lately, Elisabeth Shue, and among the departed, Carole Lombard, Barbara Castle and, closest to Seanachie's heart Le Corbusier.

A number of famous folk expired on this day, most notably Anwar Sadat, assassinated in 1981, Alfred Lord Tennyson and Charles Stewart Parnell, hence his memorial Ivy Day falling on my birthday every year. Not that anyone celebrates it anymore but I never knew, all those years, reading Joyce's funniest story 'Ivy Day in the Committee Room' that the day in question was my own birthday.

My favourite event that fell on this day is undoubtedly the momentous day in 1966 when the United States banned LSD. Far out.


rorebhoy said...

Happy Birthday Ol'

I'll be buying you a celebratory pint the next time I see you - I'm guessing one of the major religous festivals, probably Christmas, in a heaving Doddy's lounge.

Keep her country!