Monday, October 16, 2006

Trials of Two Iranians

Israeli President Moshe Katsav has today been arrested on charge of raping a female colleague, after complaints of sexual assault by six women. Is this the first time a head of state has ever been arrested in this way? I recall a former Malaysian Prime Minister being tried on trumped-up charges of buggery a few years ago but he was not in office at the time and was framed by his political enemies. While I believe in the innocence of anyone until proven guilty, that such a thing could happen demonstrates the strength of Israeli civil society, which has much to admire about it in spite of that state's often disgraceful treatment of the Palestinian population.

Meanwhile the President of Katsav's country of origin, Iran, the zany Mahmoud Ahmedinijihad has claimed that his American counterpart, one Mr Bush, is guided by Satan and that Mahmoud himself has inspirational links with God, which is a lot like what Bush himself is reported to have claimed on a number of occasions. As Leonard Cohen once said, one of us can't be wrong. Or can we be? Who is more evil, Iran or Satan?