Thursday, October 19, 2006

No Green Bottles

While in Stolly's tonight watching Chelsea beat Barça 1-0 in the Champions' League, and while the expat crowd as usual, drank the bar dry of bottles of Heineken and Budvar, an observation I have previously made sprang to mind. French guys don't drink bottled beer, even when it is cheap (and in Stolly's 33cl bottles of Heineken at €4 and Budvar at €4.50 are cheap by Paris standards). They are more likely to go for the cheapest of the cheap lagers or pay for a bit of prestige by ordering a mouldy Kilkenny or Guinness from a line that hasn't run in over two days. It makes no difference if these lads are seasoned drinkers or people in for a shandy (or panaché as the locals call it) after work, they still won't touch beer in a bottle. Why is this?