Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It'll Cost You The Shirt On Your Back...

A few weeks ago I was moaning about football teams wearing such unappealling team colours as black and grey, and I was also lamenting the ugliness of the design of many team strips these days. So I am now happy to compliment Inter Milan on their new, Nike-designed kit, which is simple, understated and uncluttered by extraneous elements that are often tacked on to make it slightly different from last year's model and thus justify fresh purchases by the faithful.

Seanachie uses the word 'retro' far too often - and far too often in a postive sense - but I like the fact that this kit recalls the one sported by Helenio Herrara's cattenaccio cloggers back in the late 60s, the same that were humbled by Celtic in Lisbon in 1967. Celtic return to the city tomorrow to face Benfica. A win will see them almost certainly through to the second round of the Champions League