Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Irish Pint Glasses 6% Smaller Than in 2001

New from the people that brought you Census 2006: the Central Statistics Office (and, of course, those plucky fellows at the Revenue Commissioners) report that alcohol consumption per adult has fallen in Ireland by 6% since 2001 (I was wondering why those heady party days of the turn of the Millenium have never been matched of late). Cynics might point out that those under the adult-drinking age may be offsetting this at the very least, but that's something for another survey, and anyway minors don't pay tax so the lads at Dublin Castle are fecked if they could be arsed. How long will it be before the shirts start being sold off the backs of the country's long-suffering publicans (or, ahem, 'vintners'), following this calamitous news?


hellojed said...

'Fecked if they could be arsed' like it.