Monday, April 02, 2007

Seanachie and the Jerusalem Post: United for Once!

Never before has an Underachievement post attracted so much attention: my ephemeral piece the other day about the planned US attack on Iran on Good Friday (next Friday, to all you fellow a-Christians) has been chanced upon by a number of readers who have got wind of the same thing. So far there have been no Western media willing to run with this story, except one. Earlier on today a friend of mine, who is a journalist with extensive experience in the middle east pointed this out to me and the online search bears this out also. It is only the Jerusalem Post that has carried this as a story thus far; while knowing that April Fool's Day has just passed, I wouldn't expect the Israelis (particularly the Jerusalem Post) to be so wacky as to use it to break such news. So, one must ask how a story that has been mooted (however speculatively) by Seanachie and the right-wing Israeli media, could go so unnoticed by the media in Europe and North America? I hope I am wrong about the Good Friday bombings but I am beginning to think otherwise.