Monday, April 16, 2007

Love is Der Drug

The German Army, the Bundeswehr (look at it in passing, and it does look like 'Budweiser') is embroiled in a scandal over encouraging troops on manoeuvres to imagine they are picking off African-Americans in the Bronx (all part of being in the army as Patrick Mercer, late of the Shadow Cabinet would say); Brian Ferry admits to a fascination with the aesthetics of National Socialism, and his manager urges us all to calm down, it's not like he actually believes in Nazism; meanwhile Richard Gere puts his Bollywood career in jeopardy by chewing the face off Shilpa Shetty in a most vulgar fashion at an AIDS awareness rally in New Delhi. Has the world gone mad?

One wonders if Ferry's album sales and air play will suffer in a similar way to Gary Glitter's after his own series of faux pas some years ago. I don't think I can give up 'Pyjamarama' that easily - I'll probably have to wait for his outing as a card-carrying party member for that. You can stuff 'Avalon' though, a song so sickly could only have been written by a Nazi.