Monday, April 30, 2007

A Shell of Themselves

No time to post anything lengthy today due to a heavy workload but here's something I've just received from my friend Sinéad, her film for Al Jazeera about the Rossport-Shell protests. The episode showed both up once again the disgraceful behaviour of Shell in carving up oil and gas concessions the world over, the craven compliance of the Irish government and the phenomenal backbone and spirit of the Mayo locals in resisting the steamrolling over their community. Principles are something that have been thin on the ground in Celtic Tiger Ireland but this is a heartening example of the reawakening of the people. It would be nice to see Fianna Fail get a bloody nose in Mayo on the 24th of May but that might be expecting too much. Well done, Sinéad and kudos too to Al Jazeera for bringing this to an international public. It would be nice if there were a little more media focus on issues that the consensual Irish media would prefer to ignore.