Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Plague on Both their Houses

Things have begun to get dirty in the French presidential election with Jean-Marie Le Pen accusing the stealer of his thunder, front-runner Nicolas Sarkozy, of not being sufficiently French to occupy the Élysées Palace. Sarkozy is the son of a Hungarian immigrant, and a quarter Jewish on his mother's side. Le Pen sidesteps the issue of Sarko being as little beholden to immigrants as he himself is, but he does evoke the cases Henry Kissinger, Arnold Schwarzeneggar (and Madeleine Albright) being ineligible for the US Presidency due to their being born abroad. His point is naturally irrelevant as Sarkozy was born in France and is a French citizen. Personally I don't think Sarkozy is any fitter to run France than Le Pen is though I don't really have such a problem with him not being 100% français de souche, unlike the self-styled 'candidat de terroir' Le Pen, who, one might be pedantic and point out, is actually Breton. 100% French? Maybe not. In any case I am secretly beginning to enjoy the prospect of the two of them tearing each other apart, provided of course that they don't both survive to face one another in the second round.