Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sexy de ser Cansei

I had intended writing a longer review of Wednesday night's CSS gig at the Elysée Montmartre but the days have passed and I no longer feel the urgency. Though the gig was enjoyable it disappointingly lacked the chaos of their last Paris concert at the much smaller Point Ephémère last November. The bigger venue and the panoply of cameras that appeared to be filming the show for MTV robbed the occasion of most of its spontaneity - the clearly langered keyboardist Ana provided most of the fun, wandering off stage at one point to grab another beer, even though she had two unfinished bottles sitting in front of her. But overall the band appear to be suffering from touring too much - they have now been on the road worldwide for ten months and the spark is diminishing. There's very little new material either - only two new songs played the other night. Though you can hardly blame them for milking their rise to fame for a decent financial return, it might be time for them to take a break and get back to the studio, to give the music a bit of freshness. They're even playing Carlow and Limerick next month (as well as the Trinity Ball), next they'll be household names in Athlone.