Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Loan Shark

Bertie Ahern seems to have survived what initially appeared to be the evil day that was always going to catch up with him, being implicated in the shady world of illegal payments that his political party could probably not survive without. Payments of £39,000 to him in 1993, at the time of his marital separation while he was Minister for Finance, were not seen by the donors as gifts, according to Bertie, but he did feel that they were 'a debt of honour'. Now maybe I have seen a few too many mob movies recently but that sounds suspiciously like you know what. Bertie says that £20,000 of that was to pay for his two daughters' education, though surely Bertie should have known that there were any number of techs or lowly secondary schools that he could have put them in much cheaper if he were short of cash. Most of the rest of the country get by that way. But then they don't have too many friends with thirty-nine grand to spare.


Donagh said...

When Celia's book came out and there was all that attention I remember noting how she'd been attending Griffith College at the time doing some sort of journalism course. Now we know of course that she had the freedom to turn her back on those 'subsidised' universities and colleges, like UCD and Trinity. Instead she could afford to go private all the way.

blaithin said...

It's most likely that Trinity and UCD wouldn't have her, they require certain standards from their non-fee paying students. At least a pass in honours English anyway.