Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Best Place to Hide A Fascist Is...

The most highly self-regarded paper in the known world, the Irish Times, has just updated its site and from now on its 'Breaking News' section will be free to surfers. Its 'Breaking Wind' section (i.e. the rest of the paper) however still costs €79 per year. One of its first free stories is this peach concerning Tanaiste and Fianna Fail's favourite fall guy Michael McDowell abusing parliamentary privilege to brand his previous election conqueror John Gormley, of the Greens, a 'fascist.' Which plays very well to McDowell's usual idiot businessman constituency in Dublins 4 and 6. Given McDowell's fondness for the iron hand and his proposition of motions such as the racist Citizenship Amendment Act of 2004, the Ranelagh rottweiler might be best advised to keep ciúin until the next election, when even those people that have supported him in the past might feel that he has gone a little bit too far this time. Methinks Herr McDowell is scarcely suited to the exacting ambience of a modern democratic society and that the people of Dublin South-East should endeavour to correct their mistake of four years ago and consign him, like his dear forgotten grandfather Eoin McNeill (whose historical error Mickey Mack has harboured a grudge for similar to that of a villain from a Marvel comic book) to the dustbin of history. Slan, a Mhichíl.