Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Wouldn't Be Rude To Them People

I hadn't planned to post today but the ongoing comedy that it the Conservative Party has provided some priceless matter. Tory councillor and former parliamentary candidate for Swansea East Ellinor Bland, beautifully named, has been suspended by the newly-publicity conscious party for allegedly sending a racist poem from her e-mail account, though she does have the good sense to blame her husband, who is also a Tory councillor. As is often the case with ditties popular with both racists and members of the Conservative Party, the poem is not really funny, not even in a sense of being in poor taste. Ms Bland has defended herself from the poem, which frets over the lot of the 'white man' - a species which, when last I looked, was doing relatively well for himself on a global level - by saying "I didn't write it ... We do have friends of all kinds - we actually have German in-laws. And we have friends who are Asian. I wouldn't be rude to them." Priceless, indeed. German in-laws? My word...