Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Miami Vice

A humorous piece of news from the Guardian here: Cuban 'dissidents' based in Miami in receipt of US government aid squandered $65 million of the stuff on, among other things Playstations, GameBoys, leather jackets, cashmere jumpers and luxury chocolates. "Acción Democratica Cubana" hefe Juan Carlos Acosta defended the last shipment, with a wonderfully Antoinettian touch: “These people are going hungry. They never get any chocolate there". The good philanthropists in Washington are undoubtedly bewildered by such rapine but surely they knew all along that their Men in Havana (and Miami) were nothing other than corrupt, lazy, crapulous bigots with only the vaguest commitment to democratisation of Cuba. There are genuine Cuban dissidents worthy of support, on both left and right, but they are not to be found among the decrepit fascists in Miami.