Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Another online cultural magazine that I used to read regularly was Slate, which is owned by Microsoft. Not as smart as Salon, nor as well laid out, it does however have some good writing in it, like this piece on the hypocrisy of well-known do-gooder Bono for moving U2's music-publishing business to the Netherlands, particularly rich when you consider how well Bono and his fellow 'artists' in U2 have done out of Irish tax-breaks. Perhaps the Freedom of Dublin bestowed on him some years ago might now be withdrawn for this uncivic act.

On the same note, there is this fine comment piece from the Observer by Nick Cohen, which pillories Bono's hypocrisy and also the pettiness of the recent court case he took against former stylist Lola Cashman over a stetson, something which has lost the man a lot of goodwill in Ireland.