Tuesday, November 14, 2006

God-Given Far Right

Black French comedian Dieudonné, who might best be described as 'hardly philo-semite' for some of the comments he has made about Jewish people over the past couple of years, was a guest at the Front National's annual festival at the weekend, being hailed by the grotesque old turnip Jean-Marie Le Pen as a "Frenchman like any other", which is a new enough departure for the ex-paratrooper and student yob. But, according to the piece in Libération, Anthony Attal, the leader of the local Jewish Defence League, a far-right kosher bovver-boy outfit very similar in its scaled-down way to the FN, was also present. A new openness for the Front National, desperate to shed even their core 'values' in order to pare votes away from the mainstream left and right? Perhaps, or it may be Dieudonné's familiar publicity-seeking provocation at play. In any case some of the rank-and-file were not too happy to have him among them: one is quoted by Libé as saying 'frankly, we don't need this nigger'. Evidently not.