Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Big news here in France is the decision by Airbus to cut 10,000 jobs across Europe, 4,500 of them in la Hexagone. It may also have an effect, albeit a slim enough one, on Seanachie's employment. Many of my students these days are people involved in aviation, from unemployed airline pilots to air-traffic controllers to numerous people from Corsair who are hell-bent on using their training entitlements to learn English (or 'Globish', as I prefer to call the dialect they learn) and get a job elsewhere. Then there is the young aeronautical engineering student, who is also an aspiring pilot, who is currently taking classes in order to pass a job interview (held, surprisingly in English) to get a year-long internship with the company. Whether he will be still up for an interview after today is questionable. I'll find out tomorrow. But then again it's hardly as if cutting interns is going to be a huge cost saving measure.