Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Shels of Their Former Selves

Have a look at this: National League Champions Shelbourne have been relegated to Division One of the league for failing to pay the wages of seventeen of its players since the end of last season. Seanachie is no fan of Shels but the news brings no pleasure as it is yet another sorry tale of the financial and administrative disarray Irish domestic football is in at the moment, following the demise of Dublin City last summer, the failure of Dundalk to be admitted to the Premier League and the withdrawal of a license from Limerick FC. While the European results of the likes of Derry, Drogheda and Cork City have been impressive, off the field, too many teams are struggling. I am a bit worried about Sligo Rovers' intention to field a full-time professional team following the troubles that the most country's most successful team has had.