Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Wit and Wisdom of Gordon Strachan

Even this Celtic fan tired of his team's ineptitude away from home in Europe and their equally worrying slackness in the Scottish Premiership, which results in them having to rescue matches far too often in the last twenty minutes, cannot but admire Gordon Strachan telling it like it is in the traditional Scottish manager fashion. When asked if he was concerned about Celtic's Champion's League last-16 meeting with Milan being postponed because of the Italian government's recent suspension of all domestic football, he replied that he was sure that
'the games will be played. It has always been shown that money outweighs anything else in football, especially just now. There is so much to look into but football will always turn towards the money.' A euphemism for saying to said hack: 'feck off with your stupid questions, will ya?'

Strachan a few months back laid into Walter Smith's fabled new method for building morale among the Scottish national team's members by having a few pints; he said (I paraphrase, because I read the words originally in French) that 'you say any old shite when you're drinking, you even claim that the person next to you is your best friend. What good is that?' Wally has since proven his commitment to morale-building by flying the coop for more cash at Ibrox. Football will always turn towards the money, as Strachan says. The wee man's piss-take attempt at hurdling the Camel hoarding after scoring against West Germany in the 1986 World Cup (in a tournament where every goalscorer was for some reason jumping over the same hoarding) now looks like premeditated comic genius.