Saturday, February 17, 2007

Spit On Me, Sarko

While sitting at the bar in the Bottle Shop last night I noticed, ordering a pitcher of beer at the far end of the bar, a young fellow that bore an uncanny resemblance to Nicolas Sarkozy (and was dressed in much the same standard French preppy way, though he was about two inches taller than the current Minister for the Interior (pictured)). It was an early enough hour of the evening and my judgement was not as yet impaired, and two friends of mine confirmed that he did indeed look just like Sarko. I can't imagine the young man enjoys going out much in the resolutely left-leaning 11th arrondissement if this similarity is so striking. But then again, just as with Thatcher back in the eighties and Fianna Fail in more recent years, Sarkozy is incredibly popular even though you never meet anyone that actually admits to supporting him. They're all around us...