Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Champions' League

Celtic's 0-0 draw against Milan last night was a creditable enough result in a game that was entertaining for a scoreless draw, but the gulf in class was clear, and though the visitors did not really create that many openings, it looks like things will be difficult in two weeks time in the San Siro. Controversy in Lens where Lille were beaten by a cheeky Ryan Giggs goal. When I first saw the goal I thought, like the hosts, that the goal was an invalid one, the referee not having whistled. But according to the Guardian's match report, it is sufficient for the free-taker merely to say they are ready to take it. Either way, Lille can feel hard done by, though I don't think UEFA will be too sympathetic to their appeal. Interestingly there is far more coverage of the near-disaster involving Man U supporters in the British press than in France, a brief mention in L'Équipe being all I could find. No surprises on the overreaction from the CRS - the French riot police - to the crush, though they aren't really used to taking their displeasure out on white folk.


rorebhoy said...

Not a great performance by the bhoys, but not conceding seemed to have been WGS' gameplan. It's all to play for, and peversely I'm more content going to the San Siro wihout having to defend a lead.

It'll be an interesting game.

One final note: what a theatrical dive.... :-(